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 *Presorting  *Fulfillment  *EZ Flats  *Folding  *Inserting *Inkjet Addressing  *Laser Printing  *List Management  *Courier  *Metering  *Mail Consultation

*Mail Consultation:  Mail Consultation / Training - If you have a mailing challenge of any kind, we are available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss.  We can help develop solutions that meet your needs and your budget.  Let us know your needs in advance if you require special assistance, if you have a large mailing, or if you are sending or receiving someting out of the ordinary.

*Move Update Compliance: - Reduces the number of your mail pieces that require forwarding, returning, or disposal.  Improving service to your clients while reducing postage.  *NCOA (National Change of Address)  *FASTforward (MLOCR Processing)   *Ancillary Service Endorsement (Return Service Requested, Address Service Requested, ect.)    

*Postage Affixing: - Clients proudly offers you several options for posting your mail.  *Machine Metering (Leters, Certified, Flats)  *Commercial Permit Application (Letters, Flats)  *Track My Mail (High Profile Projects)  *Stamp Affixing (Non-Profit, Standard, Flats & Packages)  *EZ Flats Manifesting (No More Weighing, Metering, or Ink Cost)

*Statement Processing: - Providing processing for our customer statements and selective comments, inserts and customer letters.  Our files are transmitted electronically and computer logic is used for document composition.

*Presort: - The United States Postal Service (USPS) grants postage discounts to mailers who barcode and presort their mail to specific zip codes.  Discounts available for flats and letter mail.

*EZ Flats: - Rocky Mountain Mail Services is excited about offering EZ-Flats* to save you both time and money.  The new shape-based postage rates and other recent USPS changes have increased your overall postage budget.  With our EZ-Flats service, you can get relief. Now! EZ Flats customers can save up to $0.20 on each flat size mail piece.

*Courier Service: - Rocky Mountain Mail Services provides local courier service solutions to customers across Colorado.  RMMS can handle all of your same day delivery needs and provides an electronic confirmation of delivery.



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