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** Your Solution for Reducing Costs on First Class Flats**

Rocky Mountain Mail Services is excited about offering a flat automation system that will save you both time and money.  The new shape-based postage rates and other USPS ( changes have increased your overall postage budget.  With our Flat Automation System (FAS), you can get relief NOW!

How do we prepare your flat sized mail for FAS?

You simply prepare your daily mixed-weight, flat-sized mail as it is currently prepared, but  you do NOT affix postage.  The most difficult mail to process through a postage meter machine is mixed-weight flats.  With FAS you save on equipment wear and tear, the expensive cost of digital meter ink, and the slower flats processing labor.  Plus, you will finish your other outgoing mail much sooner.  We provide this postage affixing service at no cost to you.

How do we avoid metering flats and still save on postage?

We affix postage using a USPS approved Manifest Mailing System (MMS).  FAS uniquely identifies each piece of mail and tracks it through mail preparation, verification, and, finally, to our unique billing document.  Instead of depositing money into a postage meter and paying full postage on flat-sized mail, your advance postage deposit will be used to automate your flat mail.  In addition, EZ Flats customers can save up to $0.20 on each flat size mail piece!! 

Our Formula saves you up to $0.10 on postage plus an additional $0.10 by eliminating your mail-processing over head.  NO WEIGHING, NO METERING, NO INK COST...

How do we get started?

Simply estimate your daily volume and the earliest time daily we can pick up your flats.  Your postage deposit is expended at an automated First Class discount rate instead of the full First Class postage rate you are currently paying.  Start saving money today!!


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